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In 30 years of combined media, public relations, marketing and communications experience, we know what we know ... and what we don't know. And we've learned not to take ourselves too seriously. This is supposed to be the fun part of the business.


Strategy One is the creation of Steve Mears, a public school kid from Sandusky, Ohio and (barely) graduate of The Ohio State University. He's an accomplished professional with 30 years of experience as a broadcast journalist, marketing communications brand manager, motorsports partnership manager and business owner. From 2012 to 2022, he managed a nonprofit race business with his wife, putting on marathons, ultra marathons and family-friendly 5K events. The company generated about a quarter million dollars that was donated to charities.

A conservative voice and common sense proponent, he's proficient in permission marketing strategies and able to manage multiple campaigns and tactics simultaneously.

Why hire Strategy One? Easy.

You get the seasoned pro and his team without the BS of the big guys and the price tag of the ad agencies full of kids trying to make it. We've already made it, which is why we choose very carefully the clients we work with.

We might work with you, too. Drop us a line and we'll talk about it.

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