Samples for Kaye

Here are links to some samples for you. It's a mix of technical, PR, community and education. Some of the examples are a bit dated because my industrial and manufacturing business was more robust in the 2000's. I'm attempting to demonstrate versatility with this variety of writing samples, all with unique requirements.

Textron Information Services (TIS)

These are pretty dry, but give an example of how I had to effectively capture, condense and communicate complex information technology issues.

Textron Information Services Newsflash. A synopsis of the month's activities in which Textron was attempting to consolidate its 56 subsidiary IT departments into a single global IT utility. This piece was directed at CTO's at the various companies around the world and was translated into multiple languages each month. This involved capturing the gist of the monthly update and turning it into an understandable newsletter. Newsflash

Textron Information Services NewsBrief. A quarterly communication to the executive level, brief and to-the-point recap of the work the IT folks were doing. Newsbrief 

Textron Information Services Dr. Know. As part of a consulting project at their headquarters in Providence, RI, I recommended a knowledge sharing platform that would serve across the enterprise to reduce redundancy by allowing parties to share their work. It became Dr. Know and this postcard was developed as part of the change management process to inform stakeholders about the new tool. Dr. Know

Cone Drive, A Textron Company

Within the Fluid and Power Division of Textron, Cone Drive is a manufacturer of motion control gearboxes. This is the printer file for brochures I wrote and produced for booths at a packaging show and a food and beverage industry show. Cone Drive Brochures

Employers' Health

A healthcare cooperative for self-insured employers with 100+ associates produced a study on mortality rates at Ohio hospitals using Medicare data. They hired me to handle the media relations and implement the release of the data, including a press conference. The client still claims it was "the best money he ever spent." Here is the press release I wrote to kick it all off. EHPCO

Canton Community Improvement Corporation

This annual report was a collaborative effort with the Mayor's office. My concept was growth and I created and wrote this piece. It's the printer file, so the layout is flat. CCIC Annual Report 

Notre Dame College

The client introduced a new cyber security curriculum and tasked me with developing the concept and copy for a brochure to recruit students. I took their data and developed this 4-pager. NDC 

Bicentennial Video

Finally, on the squishier side is this video I produced as president of the Canton Bicentennial Commission. If you're looking for event management, try this on because I presided over a $500,000 fundraising campaign and managed 17 events over the course of a year. This clip was the hype video that kicked it all off. My script and direction. Bicentennial video